NO.3 เครื่องเจาะรูระบายน้ำ LXCA-60

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Auto Water Slot Milling Machine (Three Axis)


Milling all kinds of water slots and air pressure balance grooves.


  • Full design with high rigidity, processing beautiful water slot, high appearance quality.
  • Automatic cutter changer on the under head, one time clamp, two end water slots processing.
  • High efficiency, suitable for mass production.
  • Special feeding system, need no special maintenance, high milling quality.
  • Convenient adjustment for the cutter location to meet different kinds of profiles.
  • Water slot milling length adjustable within 100mm, wide adaptability.
  • Adopt linear bearing motion to ensure the processing precision.


  • Air Pressure:0.5~0.8(MPa)
  • Air Consumption: 30(L/min)
  • Input Voltage:220V 50Hz
  • Main-shaft Revolution:25000(r/min)
  • Input Power: 1.14(kW)
  • Cutter Diameter:φ5 φ8 (mm)
  • Slot Length:0~100(mm)
  • Overall Dimension:1200×1200×1800(mm)
  • Weight:300(kg)