NO.10 เครื่องตัดคิ้วล็อคกระจก (SJBW-1800)

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Glazing Bead Saw


For 45° glazing bead cutting.


  • Special measurement scale, easy to operate.
  • One time two pieces of glass batten cutting.
  • Design with adjustable mould, change the profile but not change the mould, avoid reinvestment and reduce the production preparation period.
  • Adjustable positioning plate design with fine tuning device so that made the interior corner sealed after assembling the bead.


  • Air Pressure:     0.5MPa~0.8MPa
  • Air Consumption: 20L/min
  • Input Voltage:   380V 50Hz
  • Input Power:     1.1KW
  • Spindle Rotary Speed:2800r/min
  • Cutting Height:   33mm
  • Cutting Width:    100mm
  • Cutting Length:    320mm~1800mm
  • Overall Dimension: 2500mm×1380mm×1300mm
  • Weight:250kg